valve clearance wr400f year 2000?

Anyone who can tell me what the standard intake/exhauste clearance should be on this model?

Is it possible that it is the same as on a wr450f 2004 (intake 0,10-0,15mm and exhaust 0,20-0,25)...?

Have the owners manual to the 2004 wr but i should like the one for wr400f 2000, anyone who knows if its possible to download this somewhere?

My '98 WR 400 has the intake as .10mm - .15mm and the exhaust as .25mm - .30 mm


Thank you for answering! I'l call my dealer today to check out what the spec is on year 2000 because it seems to be diffrences in valve clerance for the diffrent year models. Dont think this is somthing to gamle with...

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