Moose Counter Shaft Sprockets are junk!

Two 13 tooth counter shaft sprockes and they both have the retainer bolt holes to close together. I had to mill the holes in the retainer to make the bolts fit. Renthal, Pimary Drive, Ironman counter shaft spockets have the spacing right but, these Moose counter shaft sprockets can make a man real mad.

That sucks. I am looking for a 13t front sprocket too. I can't find many places that sell them or part #'s for them. Dennis Kirk has listings for them but only have moose and JT sprockets listed of that size. The JT ones don't look to be the right ones as they are the same listings and part #'s as the 650 L. Anyone know part #'s of any brand 13t sprockets? Where to get?

I had also read somewhere of other markets, I.E. UK, AU. having optional 13t sprockets available. Was also told that I could get one if I could supply my dealer with the part #'s for them from Honda. Anyone know a 13t Honda sprocket for the 650r part #?

Now that BWB has saved me the pain of ordering the moose sprocket and not being satisfied what are my options?

costs more, but going with a larger rear sprocket is a lot easier on your chain ... (13T is a pretty tight turn for the chain to make)

I've been running a Moose 13t for over a year and a half now with no problems or unusual wear. Fortunately mine bolted right on without a hitch. Is it just the fact that the bolt holes are off? Or is there a durability problem looming in my future?

Now running a bigger rear ring 52t with that 13t front in the dirt :applause:. Not the hot setup the other week for 70 miles on the road slicks though, but it kept the front light coming out of the corners :eek:

I only run a 13 tooth for the time I am at the dunes. I run 13/45 so the twn paddle tire will fit without hitting the swing arm. The rest of the time I run 15/49.

Bruce - Did you switch back to the stock OEM retainer clip???? The Ironman front sprocket comes with a new retainer clip that will only work with the Ironman sprocket. I have a moose 13T that I switch back and forth with and have never had a problem as long as I used the right retainer clip.

Jeff :applause:

Afam makes a 13T also.

Moose probably doesn't make these products just as they don't make many of their products sold under their name. It's a very common practice in many industries. They probably have an approved vendor list like most companies that supply them with parts, which are then sold under the Moose name. The Moost 13T sprockets I've had fit fine and worked very well for thousands of miles before I changed my gearing :applause:

I only want one to switch back and forth with the stock gearing. Much easier than a larger rear. So anyone know an on line source for them that I have overlooked?

I used Moose countershaft sprockets on my BRP without any problems. Everything lined up perfectly and they were quality sprockets.

while I haven't heard any particular brand being the culprit, I have seen several posts in here warning that some aftermarket countershaft sprockets will wear down the shaft splines ... might wanna keep on eye out for wear and tear ..

Thanks for the links guys that helps a lot.

I ordered one from last week, but don't have it yet. They had Moose, and another brand. I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember the brand, but I bought it because I'd heard similar complaints about the Moose. When I get it I will re-post.

I'm starting to get a little disappointed that I don't have it yet. It's been almost two weeks since I ordered it.


The sproket I ordered is a Sprocket Specialist brand. I called Throttlehead last week, and they said it was on back order and would be two weeks yet. He said he could send me the Moose, but I declined because of threads like this. I'll let everyone know how it works if I ever get it....


I have a Moose countershaft front sprocket, No problems installing it and no other obvious probs with it, Its been on there for almost a year........ :D

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