New Buell Dual Sport

Didn't Yamaha run a v-twin in the Paris-Dakkar?

I thought it was a wr450f set up with front and rear drive.

There's nothing wrong with v twins in the dirt or belt drives though.

As long as the engineers designed the bike for what it's meant to do.

All Buell and any manufacturer is worried about is making $$ and selling a bike, not if they created the best dirtbike/streetbike/cruiser in the world. The consumer will determine if this bike was built/ designed correctly.

My money says they did.

Check out the XB12X test and comparo in the Sept '05 issue of Cycle World. Unlike past Buells, they were pretty impressed with the latest version and it compares fairly well with the BMW R1200GS.

Anyone here actually ever ride a buell?

One word to describe that engine is H O T!!!!

An XB12 overheats in traffic or at slow speeds pretty quickly. I would have to think that even just tooling down a few small country dirt roads on that thing would cook your jewels fairly quickly. :eek:

Buells do handle real well, so to me it would make a lot more sense to market it as a supermoto of some sort? :applause:

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