WR400 in traffic?

Any of you guys run your WR in traffic? I did today because I wanted to ride it to work. When I was stopped at the light I noticed steam coming from the coolant catch can, is this normal? I was stopped for about a minute and it's probably around 105* today. I'm running engine ice as coolant. When I got room, I would go faster and put some cooler air in the radiators, but it stil does it at the stop lights. Any advice for running a wr motard as a daily rider?

I ride my WR on the streets of Tucson all the time. Have not expirenced and leaking.

okay, i've isolated the problem by separating the coolant and oil catch cans. It's actually coming from the oil catch can. It seems to be a white smoke coming out of there. When I went to check the oil, smoke also came out of the dip stick! Help! What does this mean?

I replaced the throttle slide plate recently because the last one broke. I assumed the chunks of metal were expelled because this happened at around 70 mph on the freeway. Does this mean there is engine damage?

offtopic, how much did the throttle slide cost

the book does say, do not open the dip stick nut, because hot oil could burst out

you are probably not being gentle on the throttle during those stop lights, rising heat, maybe to low viscosity oil

The slide plate cost me around $100 at ronayers.com and a seal for $6 IIRC.

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