Online manual

I am looking for an online manual for a 93 XR650L. Anyone have a link to one.




Hes looking for the PDF type version (etc.) online, so you can view the contents while on the web...ha ha

not buying one online.... (dummy)...did I say that ? Just joking bruddah' Ha ha

I looked and asked for a XR650L version here long ago, never had any luck, but there is R versions

*btw* I tried posting that "Starbucks" photo from last ride, but its too big a size memory wise to upload..sorry

Yeah, I tried looking for one online also, no luck. i had to break down and drop 40 bones on mine.It is the same as the previous years except for the different smog and vacuum diagrams.

I got the Clymer one, and its only descent at best. Gonna get the Honda one sometime.

i dont think u will find one.....just buy it...its only like 25 bux

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