help, help, help

ive been sifting through other threads and maybe found some answers, but here goes.

Very recently, OIL STOPPED DRIBBLING from the header breather hose, the oil level is fine though ???

When kicking over the bike, a 'whistle' sound comes from the air box ???

The kick starter sometimes slips on the ratchet under force, like it slips then grabs and continues to turns engine over

Oil change every 200km

Air filter cleaned after every ride

Starts easily, today took 3 kicks to get it going, usually takes 1 or 2 (maybe irrelevant)

engine DOES NOT have a knocking sound to it

85% of this bikes life has been commuting on road since i have had it

Today whilst riding to town (8km) the top end was making a very slight noise, to me the sound was like i could here the cams spinning ! then every now and then a slight slip would happen. I got to where i was goin no prob. Still no oil comin out of breather hose !

When leaving the bike started 1st kick no prob as usual. On the way home the sounds were getting louder to the point i was getting very worried.The pipe is very loud. Aleast 110db :eek:

The spinning sounds were amazingly loud, also the 'slipping' was becoming more and more frequent. I took it easy just on the throttle in 5th. The bike didnt surge with a lack of power but im sure i felt the slip slighly in the bars and i could hear it. No power has been lost though !?!?

I made it home and straight away dropped the oil and took out oil filter to inspect it, no unusual amount of fillings, oil colour, no oil was burned. It did smell a little different. I honestly can't descibe it. I never have smelled it before, but it was very slight. I was planning on doing an oil/filter change this weekend anyway.

Looking at some threads i found it maybe :

chain slap- rub block at front of swing arm. 2 small chain tracks are in the swingarm now, about 2cm long

counter balancer- key maybe worn?

flywheel- excessive play ?

clutch plates-worn ones make noise?

oil pump- a bit blocked, but engine would of had to sieze going that far rite at 50-100km/h ???

valves- I dont think are out as it starts within 2 kicks 99.9% of the time, got them checked in march this year, then probably again whilst a piece of carby slide was removed from an inlet valve in april.

Also the cam chain was fine during that operation in april, Could it stretch that far in 3 months ???

piece of kick starter ratchet in engine ???

I dont have a user manuel so havent gone deeper than change the oil/ oil filter.

This is a 99 WR400 with I'm guessin with between 8-9000km on it. It has all the free mods done. I aint re-jetted it, but seems to run ok. Dont know if previous owner did anything regarding this. He did only the Airbox lid, muffler and throttle stop.

Im takin the bike in next week to be looked at, but if anyone can put together an answer to point me in a direction it'll be very much appreciated. :)

sorry for having such a long post :applause:

Sounds like worn clutch plates to me, it would account for the noise and the different smell of the oil.

Does it still pick up as quick as normal under heavy acceleration or does it feel like it's "surging"

Most likely it is the cheap cam chain tensioner unit that broke or the crank cam sprocket is badly worn to the point of being sloppy. These units are very weak and on the big fours you can buy aftermarket manually adjustable units that perform better for racing and reliability applications. :applause: You also need to replace your clutch baskets and plates. :eek:

gregwr450f :

my mistake there with the oil thing, its the same smell as previous oil changes, i compared them the other day. Disregard that :D sorry. But it still makes the same amount of power it did before !

But the bike doesnt feel like the clutch is gone in it. Its still got a good feel and engage's and disengage's without a hitch :D

Indy WR450 :

Do you know if a 2000 model WR400 manual would be sufficient enough to guide me through changing the cam chain tensioner, or crank cam sprocket as-well as the clutch plates and basket by myself ?

I have a 99 bike and a 00 manual and as for those parts changing it will be fine

it is not OK for valve clearances, clutch plate sizes, exact carb mainteinance and probably sth else too

thankx, i heard these manuals are pretty detailed in instructions for changing stuff so fingers crossed :D

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