Dr.d Quality

Ive checked out many mufflers and exhaust systems and have nailed it down to one, the DR.D stainless, it looks good and is not too loud as i do alot of bush riding, noise is not needed but i don't want it to sound as weak as the stock muffler. If i'm making a mistake please tell me. as i don't want to go backwards with the mods on my bike, i've heard the yoshi rs3 pipe is nice but a bit pricy for me. options needed if this pipe is not worthy, thanks for any input. ps. i want the pipe to have noticable power gains whilst keeping a low sound level. :applause:

what bike you got??

I put the Dr. D and JD Jetting kit on my '00 WR400 and love both! Great torque on the bottom mid to top is great power. Get the full system with the header pipe. For the price it's the best.

can you only get that from his website? I cant find it anywhere else. And how much did you pay for it?

A bit cheaper at motofrugals.com

can you only get that from his website? I cant find it anywhere else. And how much did you pay for it?

www.BTOSports.com has the Full S.S. system for 399.00 w/ free delivery. :applause:

larsenal i have a wr 426 01 model.

I have the full system on a 03 450 and like it a lot. The only down side is you have to remove the head pipe to change the oil filter. The quality is great and it's held up after a couple of hard crashes.

i dont know too much about how it performs on the WR400, im more of a moto guy but i can say that its a lot tougher than a lot of other systems. its thicker guage steel which is always a bonus if u riding in the bush. id say go for it, it affordable and although it might not produce the same HP increase as the yoshi or PC pipes, you're less likely to be crying over a smashed muffler when next you fall over on the right hand side :applause::eek:

Larsenl: Myself and my cousin tested all typres of exhaust systems (dyno and track) on a 05 YZ250F, and the Dr.d pulled the hardest, with the best HP gains. It may vary on a 450F, but the Dr.d blew all the other pipes out of the water!

i eat my words robbo, i guess i was speaking out of turn as i havn't ever been able to test back to back myself. fredlington you got your answer, go for it the doc d pipe dude!

Is rejetting required for the full system??

Get the JD Jetting kit with it. It's worth the money and it has easy to follow directions for jetting. I set mine up by following the recommendations and I couldn't be happier. :D

I have a 05 WR450 the first thing I did is research pipes & bought the DR D.full race with SA which is spark arrestor.got it from motosport outlet.fit is perfect,performance is awesome,but its sound wise its no where close to stock.It sounds great but its not the loudest ive heard either.It will help the bottom alot and midrange is crazy..Highly recommend it...I would buy again best part is price compared to others..I raced SAT nite I was 3rd to the 1st turn against moto x 450's headlite and all.hit the electric start "AKA" the happy button on the line it pisses em off...haha...Russ..Team PTR..05WR 450..lots of goodies..ps. if you have the 05 buy the AIS removal kit and get rid of the popping on deceleration.it will magnify with a Race pipe!!

The ais system. I know it gets rid of the crap. Once u do it, do you get drastic results then stock, power wise. How long did it take to do the ais. Im mechanical somewhat.

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