Any Tests or info

Has anyone found any new info on the 06 450? I tried the RMZ 450 last night it was pretty good, it handled better than my 450 but I did not dig the motor so that was my test I will be riding Blue again next year. I sure hope with the changes that Yamaha made to the 450 will pay off in the handleing and cornering department!

I hear that the RMZ handles great. But the stock exhaust is apparently a real POS. Where you're lucky to find 1 1/2 hp in the aftermarket systems for a YZ450F, one of the mags did a writeup on the RMZ in which they were getting 5 and 6 from aftermarket exhausts, which got the engine into the general range of power that the YZF dynos in.

I also hear they have a cam chain tensioner that requires manual adjustment, and that it has been troublesome.

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