1998 or 1999 WR400 owners ???

I have a question about your carburetors.

Is there a throttle return spring located behind the small wheel that you hook up the throttle cables to?

I bought a used FCR39 carburetor off of the internet and my slide doesn't snap back when you let go of the throttle. I'm thinking that there is a spring missing.

Any help would be appreciated.

Here's a link to the exploded parts diagram. There's a spring back there.



Next question. Does anybody have any idea where I could order that part from? Yamaha is no help. Since that part is not set-up as a replaceable part, all they can do is sell me the whole carberator.

I have put a couple of emails out to Keihin, but haven't got any response back. :applause:

It can be bought seperately but I dont know the right adress, maybe someone else knows


Try www.sudco.com. Their site is giving me a bandwidth exceeded error right now, but they should have the parts. If you search for posts by me (should be easy 'cuz there aren't many), you'll find a link to sudco's page and their exploded diagram of your carb with a link to the parts list.


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