WR450 street bike?

I am having a blast riding the WR on the street now that it is insured but the miles are pouring on pretty fast (1,000 in the last two months) and I am wondering if these bikes are meant for such riding.

The maintenance schedule calls for valves, piston, rings etc to be serviced every 1000 miles which is not practical. I did valves after the first 1,000 but now have 2800 miles on the bike and don't really want to do them again so soon.

I can't do things like rings my self so the Yamaha dealership would love me if I had the WR back in their shop every couple of months.

What is your experience out there? Other than very frequent oil changes am I OK to ride on?

Also, I read somewhere about street riding being hard on the transmission?

Thanks guys,


I don't know about your rig but my 04 WR450 does not like to be in the upper gears and full throttle for very long. If you continue to ride the road I suggest getting some new gearing pronto as that will help keep the RPM's down a bit. I would also get some Dual Sport tires as soft compound dirt tires tend to wear out quick on the pavement. you could also get one of those, dare I say, Suzuki DR400SM's. The all black 400 that has a factory motard kit on it and keep the WR for is more intended use...the trail. If not keep on the maintence schedules.

Why do you say it doesn't like upper gears at full throttle? Mine loves to be wrung out...

Either way high RPMs greatly accelerate the wear on the motor. The gearing will help, but you might consider beefing up the clutch, since you'll slip it a lot more to get going.

You're using a good synthetic, too?


The WR450 is not your everyday sort of bike. It has very high compression

and gets hot easily.

The more miles you do, the more maintenance you have to do.

It is just something you are going to live with.

An oil cooler would be a very worth while investment.

A guy here in Norway has a wr450f with 20000km on it. The only thing he has done is that he have adjusted valves 2 times and changed oil/filter every 1000km. Mostly on road use so gearing is 15/47.

Yes I went to a 15 tooth front sprocket and that seems to do the trich with the rpm. I am rarely on the highway with it anyway, (don't like the feel of that), and Idid go with a DOT tire that fits on and off road use quite well.

Still the oil cooler sounds like a good idea, I will look in to that.

No synthetic oil though, is it really that much better than keeping the oil changes frequent?


I have 15/44 gearing on my '03 and I can cruise all day long at 55 mph. My motor does not start to "rev" until i get around 60-65mph. She will do 100mph without hitting the rev-limiter.

awesome on the street, my biggest problem is trying to keep the front wheel on the ground.

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