Rekluse dual brake

Is anyone using the rekluse dual rear brake setup. I am currently running just the hand operated rear brake. In most cases this is great but at times in the woods it would be good to still have the foot operated brake. Whats involved in converting it to a dual system. Do you need anything special or do you just join the 2 brake lines at the master cyclinder.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

I just installed the Rekluse dual rear brake setup on my 03 WR250F. The Rekluse system which is designed to work with the rear foot brake comes with an insert which fits into the master cylinder, this insert is the piece that the new brake line coming from the handle bars connects into. The insert takes up a lot of the volume in the master cylinder, I am not sure if not having this insert and somehow just connecting the line to the existing master cylinder would impact the performance.

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