Leaking fuel

I rode last weekend, no issues at all. I washed my bike last night w/ a garden hose, rode it down the street to dry it off and it ran perfect.

I came out this morning in the garage was a strong gasoline smell. There was a 12"x12" pool of fuel on the floor. The bike was on the kickstand and the fuel was left turned on.

Is this normal to have the bike leak gas if the fuel gets left on?

Aha! I was dreadfully wrong on a similar question before. Everyone else said it was a sticking float. I'd check that. :applause:

A good cleaning of the carb and inspection of float and needle would be in order here. Not hard to do, and should be described in you manual pretty well. Hope this helps.


Fuel lines, fuel tees, petcocks, drain plugs, hose clamps, float bowl. I can't think of anything else to check. I had a couple of leaks due to a stuck float and a bad petcock gasket. They just showed up one day without any explanation, but they were easy to remedy...SC

I guess I just assumed that the fuel was coming from the carb. The whole fuel delivery system should be checked to find where the fuel is coming from, but if it is coming from the carb overflow then I would check the needle, needle seat, and float levels. Hope this helps.


Thanks guys... Helps a lot.

When I turn the gas off, no more leak. Sounds like a good time to clean out the carb. :applause:

Bingo! Float is sticking. Pull it apart, squirt it with a healthy helping of carb cleaner, blow it out with a compressor and you'll be back in business. One thing though, when you have it apart, look at the needle and make sure it isn't grooved near the point. If it is, you need to replace it...SC

Thanks Clark!

I have a brand new needle from the JD Jetting kit in it. I really need to pull the carb and see if the "slider" is cracked.

Not that needle. There's a needle valve that's attached to the float. It looks like a very small plumb bob. That's the one that needs to be checked. Sorry for the confusion...SC

Used the search. have a quick ?

my WR is leaking from teh petcock itself. The gasket to tank is good, nad not leaking from the carb. I pulled teh petcock and disassambled, cleaned it up. Mine has a metal "flat spring" behind the valve. I'm wondering if it's mis-shaped and causing the leak.

Can I replace it with an o-ring?

Thanks in advance

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