To Rev or to Die!?

So, just recently my bike has been dying on me when I tweek the throttle just the slightest bit, but sometimes it revs up just fine. This is when it's both cold and hot. I spoke with the yama dealer and he said it sounds like a prob with the needle and that I should drop it one notch.

To be honest I've never fiddled with the needle since I got the bike and I've heard it can be a pain. I did a search and couldn't find anything on this forum. Is there anyone with some detailed experience who could guide me through adjusting the needle, so I dont get anymore frustrated!? I know its located in the top half of the carb'...and that's about it. I'm running a 160 main and 40 pilot at about 4700 feet, if that helps.

Has the weather or your altiude changed significantly? If not, then your jetting is not the problem. Don't fiddle with any jetting at all until you clean out the carb good. You would be surprised at what something as simple as a clogged pilot jet can do.

Sirthump hit the nail on the head. :applause:

its running to lean yamaha paid for mine the carbs running to lean

I just recently cleaned the poop out of the carb, but I'll do her one more time. I just got back from riding and it's strange how I just barely tweak the throttle in a higher gear and it will sound and feel like it's gonna cut out, and when I'm in 1st it sometimes will, unless I gun it.

I'll clean the carb again and try her out from there.

Thanks dudes!

it may be the TPC (throttle position sensor) have the dealership check it. at least I wouldent touch it!!

When you clean the carb, be sure to shoot cleaner followed by air through every hole you see. Especially the two air holes on the back side (airbox side). Those tend to collect any tidbits that make it by the filter and when they clog you can get all sorts of off-idle issues.

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