Tire size help! Please

I currently have a Michelin M12 130/80/18, and I think I want to try the Maxxis IT. The sizes are different, what size should I get? I'm thinking the 120/80/18. Will this work? Is this wider than my current M12? Thanks

Yes, the Maxxis will work as it is smaller than your Michelin. Here's how the tire sizing works...on a 120/80/18, the 120 is the width in millimeters, the 80 is the height of the sidewall expressed as a percentage of the width, and lastly, 18 is the rim size expressed in inches. Now you're an expert just like me :applause: ...SC

The Maxxis 120 is equivelant to a Michelin 140 tire. So get a Maxxis 110 size if you want to match your Michelin 130 width! :eek: Michelin tire sizes are like maufacturer's claimed dry weights! :applause:

Thanks for the info, but I thought that the Michelins were sized differently that the rest, and the M12 130 is not as wide as the Maxxis 120? I don't know why this is, but I thought I read it somewhere, so I just want to be sure. Anyone know about this?

Thanks Indy, Thats what I thought. Do you recommend the Wider tire I weigh 205# and ride mostly trails. I think I want to try the wider one.

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