hot starting problems

i have been having problems getting this dame thing hot started even when its on the stand. i am new to this concept of decop. and hot start but am getting the hang of it are there any tricks i shoult know. are there any hot start elemating kits?

Use the hot start and do not twist the throttle before or during the kick. Some people who have trouble training their right hands like to put their right hand inside the grip (by the brake perch) to keep from twisting the throttle.

I don't know if this applies to you or not, but here goes. Sir Thump summed it up well, and other than the proper positioning of the engine with the manual decomp, there's really nothing else to it.

But some people get the idea from somewhere that they should use both the hot start and the choke together. Don't. It's almost exactly the same as spitting upwind. The hot start is just an air bleed that adds a metered amount of air to the idle and starting circuits because the bike starts better if it's leaner than a normal idle when it's hot. The choke is an enrichment valve that adds fuel to make the bike richer for cold starts. One counteracts the other, and the bike won't start that way. If someone tells you to do that, just smile and nod your head, and go back to what you were doing.

Sometimes, temporarily raising the idle a little helps a 426 hot start a little easier, too.

And before anyone else does, let me recommend the "DCM', the Decompression Cam Mod. For $125 or so, you can drop an '03 YZ450 exhaust cam in it, loose the starting drill, and pick up a performance gain at the same time. The best 426 mod going, IMO.

grayracer beat me to it!

I second the DCM.


Hey Grayracer. I love my 2002 426, but it has hot starting issues as well, especially if stalled when hot. It starts better when hot if I let it idle for a while,but that dosen't always work either. Sometimes the hot start seems to help, sometimes not. I added a JT jet kit and that helped cold starting A LOT. I live in Denver and ride from 5000 - 8000 feet. Please tell me more about the "DCM" mod. If it improves hot starting significantly I'll be on it !! Where can I get instructions on installation?

Top three items under "Engine", here:

Also review the two starting videos at the bottom of the page. Correct jetting and technique are also important. The 426 is fussy, buyt will start the same way every time once you learn it.

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