What's A 02 426 Yz Worth

The Bike Is Good Shape All Stock , I'm Hoping 3500 To 4000 Cad.

I know average retail for a 00 426 is 2950bucks. Nada.com will let you look up prices.

You can also look up Kelly Blue Book.

You can also look up Kelly Blue Book.


yeah 3500 is a little steep ive seen the 04 450's go for that

i just paid 3000 for my 01 426 in perfect condition

Guys guys guys he is in Canada not the U.S.!! I dont know what the exchange ratio is between us so i dont know..

Thats probobly about right in the range. About 2750 to 3000 american plus what 30%-40% now? Around 3500 4000 canadian aye.

About 200,000 yen. . . :applause:

£2.500 if you can get a buyer.

4,800,000 Iraqi dinars. :D

I have a immaculate, low time 426 with lots of mods that has been trail ridden only for < 15 hours at the time and couldn't even get one question at $3200 US so I decided to keep the bike and now I'm glad I did.

It's a great time to be in the market for a 426. Great bike and the market is saturated with used (and new) thumpers now. People seem to think the 426 is outdated and heavy...but wait!....this just in...the 426 still rocks and can easily holeshot starts and win races. Not to mention it's as fun and thrilling as any new bike out there. I can get a very nice 426 around here for around $2500.

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