Looks like im going to have to let the WR go..

After trying and trying im not going to be able to get a tag for my 03 WR so I think shes going to have to go. Riding in my area is great if you can link all the single track together with small sections of road, and Ive been doing it tagless for awhile, but sooner or later im going to get poped. Have never had a problem with the bike, and I freakin love it, hope I dont regret getting a freakin KTM. I cant believe Im doing this. Shop has a 525exc for 6200 and I can get a tag!!! I hope the KTM can hold a candle to the WR!!!!!

Can you get the WR tagged in PA if it has a DMV title from another state? If so then make the drive to VA with it and you can get it titled in a few minutes. It would cost you a lot less than $6200.

I have a MSO that was signed and notorized to the original owner. There is also a lien indecated on the MSO. I was told that I would need the original owner to register/paytax in NC (where the bike came from) then sign it over to me. Im going to try to get a PA tag tom. Thanks for the advice. Stinson

Someone please help me here. I also have an 03 WR450 with a NY ATV plate (not really street legal), and I cannot get a street plate for it. Anyone know anything about plating in Maine. I've got a place there, so I might try that.

Yea give that a try, I think from what I heard its pretty easy up there. Cya Stinson

My uncle has the a new 05 wr450 and it is a great bike. I bought the 04 KTM 525 and that thing is awesome, it is also the easiest bike to work on out there.

The 525 is sweeeet!

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