2005 wr450 skid plate

Does anyone have any recomendations on a skid plate for a 2005 wr450? Mine fell off and I think I'd rather get something with more protection than the little plastic stock piece. Thanks

Get one that covers all of the bottom and parts of the sides.

I got a b&b bash plate on mine. It is thick aluminium, about 4mm or 5mm plate.

I am in Australia though.

Just got the Utah Sport one,,, covers everything great but I haven't tried an oil change with it yet..

My GYT-R Plates looks real heavy duty, covers everything, including the existing case guards. Haven't installed it yet, but seems like it will be a breeze.

I hav a moose skid plate. I think the Utah Sport one is a bit better, but I paid 120 Canadian and it is a breeze to do oil changes :applause:

Utah Sport for me....no problem with oil changes and it is rugged.

I went with a Works Connection "glide" plate that completely covers the underside except that it doesn't have the flaps curling up around the front of the engine cases. IMHO the stock steel guards that bolt onto side of the frame on either side of the front portion of the engine are pretty stout and have done a super job resisting some nasty hits on my rides. But, in that area, you can't have enough protection so take your pick.

covers everything great but I haven't tried an oil change with it yet..

I don't have a WR (yet :-) but having dealt with ski plates on my YZ250 I now remove it to do oil changes. When you wash your bike, water tends to get trapped between the frame and the plate and I'd rather not have the frame rust in that location. It is pretty easy for dirt to get trapped there too. Add a bit of oil and you get a real mess that just gets harder to clean the longer you wait.

Between oil change I spray WD40 after every wash. But oil changes are a good time to clean everything else and check the frame, engine mounts...


I just mounted my GYT-R skid plate; it was a breeze, mounts in existing holes. However, I was wrong, it doesn't fit over the existing case guards. I'm a bit unhappy with that. I think if I add spacers to the front mounting holes I can create the clearance for the stock case guards, which will add just a tad more coverage. Regular oil changes should be OK with the plate on, but it will have to be removed for full oil changes when you want to remove the screen in the frame. You would have to remove the stock plates anyway.

The skid plate is a great investment no matter which one you buy. I got Devol skid and radiator guards and I couldn't be happier. They come in handy when I'm crossing over logs like Frogger. :applause:

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