Should I go synthetic now at 1000K?

Hey guys,,, I'm about to hit 1000K on the 450 and was wondering if I should switch to synthetic now.. Any thoughts? Everything I have read in past post point to yes but I want an up to date opinion from you guys... Crazy how much TT makes you want to know what the heck people think... :applause::):p:eek:

You engine should be broken in and making great power now.

I think it is a good time to switch to synthetic.

I really don't feel that it is necessary to use synthetics as long as you make regular

oil changes. But on the other hand, if you want maximum protection,

you cant get any better.


I've been using Yamalube which is semi synthetic.

I've heard fully sythetic can cause clutch slippage dramas, as the oil's basically too slippery for the way the WR's are designed, though I've never tried it out myself.

syn is your best bet imo with the hi rev 4 strokes nowadays.

you cant go wrong with any

some use semi, others full and both have their beliefs into each superiority

the bottom line is..use specified oil viscosity, keep oil level correct, change regularly, depending on the abuse

dont use those extra cheap oils

I switched to Royal Purple synthetic at 300mi. No ill effects.

I use Amsoil in eveything! I love what it did for my WR400. Starts smoother revs quicker AN NO CLUTCH SLIP. Even that anoying drip from the breather tube has just about dissapered. Just make sure you use somthing wet clutch compatible. With the Amsoil I got about 20 degrees cooler on the head too.

I went with Castrol ACT-EVO at around 300 miles...full synth and no clutch issues. Most of the slipping clutches were due to use of automotive "Energy Conserving" oils. They have additives that don't get along with a wet clutch. Any motorcycle-specific synthetic is safe.

I just switched to Mobil red cap 15w50, full synthetic. No problems. I agree, definitely DO NOT use energy conserving oils. They have friction modifiers that will adversely affect the clutch.

hey skid,when I picked up my new 450 this week the shop guys told me they ALWAYS take the factory yam lube out and put in golden spectro syn blend before they send out the new WRs. my bike has about 3 hours on it and runs primo! did the mods and AIS removal kit , JD jet kit,and the bike screams! I laughed when I rode the bike in stock form for the first hour!cant belive they send them out the door that way.see ya!

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