jet kit for my XRL

so I have a 2001 XR650L I want to put a jet kit in it but w/o making any manual mods. just want to take the stockies out and put the new ones in.. anyone have advice as to what kit I would buy?

Sorry don't understand "manual mods."

If you're just wanting to upsize the stock Keihin main & pilot jets, contact a Honda dealer for the stock sizes and then take a look at They've got everything OEM, at fair prices with quick shipping. If you're even planning on exhaust or air box mods I'd pick up more than one (larger) size of each. Make sure you get the Keihin short, not long, main jets.

It's easier to replace them with the carb off the bike but you can do it with it on as well. Be careful not to strip the phillips float bowl screws. They can be pretty stubborn. I spray them with WD-40 & tap them lightly to help break them free. Most guys replace them with allen heads when rejetting.

It's also very helpful to have a Honda Service Manual or a Clymer manual to walk you through the process. It's not too complicated...

Good luck. :applause:

avoid the DynaJet kits ... mine works just fine, but WAY overpriced ... like he said, go with the Keihin jets

Check out daves mods. on four is easy,shim the needle.

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