this might sound stupid but...

Has anyone tried to change their 426 or 450 into a motard. I was just doing some thinking and i am really into street riding, and I was wondering if it would be possible to make my 04 450 into a streetable motard. I don't know much about re-titling and what not, but i was curious so i asked...thanks guys

i believe they sell a kit. once you get the kit installed then you have to get it looked at by the sheriff department or the dmv(i am not sure) they will be able to legalize it for registration.

my brother plans on doing this is the coming months. However I suggested that he gets something with electric start like a WR due to it not being a good idea to kickstart a 400+ cc bike without trail riding boots on.

Supposidley there are kits available which have all the lights, turnsignals etc which I beleive are under $500. Also the wheel sets my brother has been pricing are in the $1000 range.

any clue where a good place to buy the wheel sets is?

Do some research and find out if you can register a MX bike for the road in your state. Before you spend money.

I have one and it is incredibly fun. If you are willing to put up with an uncomfortable seat. turns out I don't ride the street anymore ,but I like the option.

I have the cheapo lighting coil .My lights suck. I don't have signals either. the E-line charging system is the thing to use.check out baja design for dual sport parts. You can find stuff in the Thumper Talk store too.

Get the WR if you want it street legal. The kit is $500 for the lights and stuff. If you have a YZ you will be in the same boat as me, that is needing a WR stator and rotor to make power for the lights. The YZ stator does not make enough power. The WR stator is another $500 so it is hard to say what way is better. You can make the WR run like a YZ cheaper then 500 bucks. :applause:

oops thought you were buying a bike. You need a WR stator still. $1000 to make street, plus rims and tires. :applause:

Go down to DMV to see all the requirements for the change over before you do any thing . In California you can't do the change over any more :applause:

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