Raised my fork tubes 3/16", is that too much?

The 3/16" is measured from the top of the triple clamp to the top of the fork tube just under the fork cap bottom edge. I want quicker steering and easier turn in. I am not that worried about high speed stability.

Thanks, Jeff

When I had my 450 I raised them 10mm which is about twice what you raised them.

Don't know about your 05, but my 03 has a scribe mark on the fork tube thats suppose to be the max raise limit. If you go too far up, the tire will bottom out under the fender in a G out.

Thanks for the info. Yeah I heard about this mark but I don't see it. Where would it be? I know the '05's have slightly larger tubes. There is a turned down section which may dictate the max. I am only 1/32" from that.

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