fender bobbed and drilled pics

Looks good I have benn thinking of doing that to the back of the fender,never thought of the front.

You did a great job from what I can tell in the pics. How much did you chop off, about 4"?

I didn't measure it, mostly just eye-balled it so it improved airflow, between 5-6", if you cut too much off the front, debris will fly up ahead of the tip, and you'll catch it in the face, don't overdo it

Slick !! Have been thinking of doing same on my front acerbis..really cleaned up the look....

I just put on a Clarke 4.0 gal. gas tank and my bike runs alot hotter. I read 285 degrees F. on my dipstick thermometer while doing 75-85 for about 10 miles then decided I better let up :D I was able to pull that off w/the stock tank and wings all day without breaking 260 degrees F. I heard 300 was about as hot as you want to let it get? Looks like you have a good idea that I am going to try out :D

I did not cut the front part of the fender. I did cut the rear part of the front fender to allow more air to the cylinder for cooling. The only problem is that heavy mud will cake up if you are not careful. The front does need a good wack job though. Yours looks good.


I have also cut the front and rear of my front fender but WARNING...If you cut too much off the front of the fender everything that the front tire slings off will be coming back at ya...I learned that the hard way.....

Well your post got me going, too. I've got the Clarke 4.0 and that bulbous front fender definitely inhibits air flow so I too have joined the "bobbit" club. I got tired of that platypus or duck bill look also.

First I drilled (8) 7/8" holes at the rear. I still wasn't satisfied with that so I lopped 3 1/2" off the front. Now it doesn't flop around as much, air gets directed to the upper part of the head and it gives it that all-important psuedo SM look...well, maybe not. :D




Let me know what you guys think. :D

I took about 1 inch off the back of mine but the front never occurred to me. I might still drill a few holes at the back above where I cut after seeing yours Roadcam :D The front looks sano too :D

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