OK, What is so good about KTM???

why are there soo many orange bikes out there these days.. are thay that good.. i am in the market for a new bike coming from a heavy old yz400.. thinking about maybe going back to a 2smoke. but looking around in the magazines, internet especially. the last scramble i attended was 75% orange. they must be doing something right.. what is it?? anybody know?? any testimonies?? i wish i could test ride several bikes but that is just not gonna happen. :applause::eek:

I've asked myself the same question after going toWest Virginia for the aNNUAL dIRT Days event, why all the orange????

Well, the dual sports, at least the 525's are big, torquey, and Green Sticker. I think that I would rather have a WR, but the Katooms are nice, and the WR is a Red Sticker (maybe not the '05. Who can keep track?) But past that, I don't know.

I just bought one and still have my WR. Wanna buy it! :applause: I fell into the hype. Look at some of my other posts and you will see what I think. They don't handle near as well as the Jap bikes. Headshake bad at speed. The linkless rear takes getting used to. They definitely need a steering stabilizer. It could be me though, maybe I just don't know how to ride the d**n thing. They do make good power though. I wish I had the money to make it the way I would want it, I would keep it. Quality on these bikes is very good, they just lack in suspension compared to the Jap's. I think it is like Honda owners, very dedicated. You can make them excellent machines, it just takes more money IMO.

so what about the CRF's. don't get me wrong i used to be a honda man. but i love my yz400. i have been riding a lot of single track and need something lighter. the new YZ450 w/ alum. frame is prett tempting. except the price. i am pretty much sold on the YZ. just shopping around

This is my new to me '03 250 SX. I made the switch from a YZ426 and a WR400, which are great bikes but this KTM is awesome. KTM's come with the best parts already on them, so there is not a lot to do other than fine tuning it to your liking. It is light weight, super fast, and flickable. I'm in love.....


The most ktm's I've ever seen have been in magazines, Ive seen like 5 in real life and only know one guy that has one. I dont think theirs much doubt that ktm makes good light bikes with excellent motors but as someone already mentioned the suspension/chassis bother some people. ktm can only take so much of the market, dealers are hard to find, not to mention the bikes are more expensive.

I see a bunch of KTM's every year at supercross. Right in between the big bike racing they have the 50cc race and it's awesome. They had this little kid in Houston, shootin a 40ft double on one, he was incredible. :eek::applause:

my dads 450 is the cadi of bikes...any gear roll that throttle and you'll fill the person behind you's mouth full of roost!!!!!

any 450 will do that :applause:

any 450 will do that :applause:

just say'n that that 450 has tons of low end-mid...very little high.

my old YZ400 will do that. i have ridden one KTM 250SX and the footpegs rattled so bad my feet were numb when i got off. i am sure there had to be something wrong though. so what about the 2smokes (maybe this aint the place) but are there any 300EXC testimonies out there?? the guys i have been riding with alot of them have CR500AF's, have you guys seen these?? crazy bikes!!

I assemble new units for a friend of mine that owns a dealership, and having assembled WR's, YZ's, and KTM's. First off, having assembled both kinds of bikes, the KTM is far more user friendly. The airbox and battery location set up are a million times better than the WR. You will comprimise fingernails doing maintenence in those two areas on the WR. Also, WR's are very temperamental on starting. I have always had to resort to using the kickstarter on the WR when new. The KTM on the other hand, 2 throttle blips, no choke, and it fires right up, on electric start.

Last year I rode the Colorado 500, and I will say 85% of the bikes were orange. I caught a lot of grief for having a kickstart yz426. The grief was coming from the WR riders. I noticed almost every WR rider having to resort to the kickstarter to start their bikes, hot or cold.

I have, just in the last month, switched to the KTM 450. I almost settled for the WR. I assembled my KTM myself at the dealership, and the thing has been an amazing bike. Probably the best bike I have ever ridden. Last week, I assembled the WR I almost bought, and the thing, overall is a pain. The throttle restriction, the exhaust system, no space to work on the bike, it was a pain to assemble compared to the KTM.

Out of the crate, the KTM is race ready in every aspect. It is well worth the extra money you will spend on one. The only thing I had to do with mine was a Carbon Fiber skid plate, hand guards, and the clutch slave cylinder guard, and a bigger tank. The WR on the other hand, personally for me, would have needed exhaust, tank, skid plate, hand guards. I have 200 bucks tied up in my KTM, and to get the WR to the same place would take close to 2 grand. Don't get me wrong, both are excellent bikes, but it is obviously KTM's turn to lead the pack for a few years, and that is what they are doing.

Just my 2 cents.

just say'n that that 450 has tons of low end-mid...very little high.

Very little high???? ARE YOU NUTS. 87MPH stock gearing. I still hit 80 geared down for the Colorado Rockies!!!

I've got my money (literally) on the new 06 YZ450. :applause:

what about weight on a KTM450. how does the weight compare to a YZ400-426... and/or new yz450..

I've ridden an 450EXC and a 250EXC with a 351 kit. The 450 felt weak compared to my 426, but I couldn't outrun it for the life of me. Its got decievingly smooth power (no top end compared to the YZ) and felt pretty light and nimble. The 250/351 felt very similiar to my heavy ass YZ, except had no top end. The big bore kit really gave it some nice low end though.

KTM's are nice, but not everyone (i.e. Me) want a refined dirt bike. I want something with a little bit of nasty in it. Plus most KTM guys act like jerkoff Harley riders and wont wave to their fellow bretheren unless they're on orange too. Ever seen a KTM guy riding in a group of Jap bikes?

what about weight on a KTM450. how does the weight compare to a YZ400-426... and/or new yz450..

According to specs, the 05 KTM450 is about 232 lbs. The 06 YZ450 is 220. My 00 YZ426 is about 240 I think.

well i just looked up the weights and the ktm450 is like almost 20lbs heavier than even the yz400f. thats got to be heavy. i cant imagine lite and nimble.. and the new yz is only 11lbs lighter than the 400f. thats a pretty good amount..




06KTM450EXC-248.7(from ktmusa.com)

06KTM450SX-231 (same as old YZ400F) :applause:

I have acouple friends that i ride with 250MXC and 300MXC all the rest are jap bikes. Love the hydro clutch thats great.

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