OK, What is so good about KTM???

If I do go with an auto clutch, it will be Revloc. I know Doug and Dave from Revloc. Just something I haven't felt like I have needed to do yet.

I have ridden an 04 KTM 450 exc and the engine & trans are very trail friendly, but compared to my solid feeling YZ the KTM suspension seems very "twitchy and nervous". The owner of the bike rides local hare scrambles and being an ex honda guy he says the suspension isn't quite confidence inspiring for him either at race speeds compared to riding a japanese bike. :D

I have a KTM 300 EXC 2 stroke. In the ktm world it's called a 3 stoke because it grunts real well. The power is smooth when you twist the throttle. Starts first or second kick. Very little maintenance at all. Much quieter than a 4 stoke with a pipe.

I love the bike. I done some mods to it though. KTM seats are very hard so I went to an aftermarket seat. I've done some other things too but more for fun than necessity (GPR and autoclutch).

IMO, the quality of the KTM is outstanding. I've never had any problem getting parts. It has never left me stranded either.

I've ridden several bikes; the Yamaha 4 strokes, Honda 4 strokes and the Suzuki DRZ. All are nice bikes - A ktm feels noticibly different than the jap bikes. I believe that if you learned on a ktm and switch to a jap bike your immediate impression would be negative - not becasue they are bad, just different. I had a Honda 4 stroke and a ktm 2 stroke at the same time. I got rid of the honda because it didnt get ridden often (the ktm was 3 yrs older too). I used to like compression braking but I prefer the 2 stroke feel now.

I don't know which bike I rode faster. I have more fun on the ktm though and my next bike will be a ktm 200 or 300.

If you want to learn more about them and chat with people about KTM's you can visit KTMTalk.com. There is little trash talking on that forum and people will likely give you their honest opinion. Most of the people had or still have jap bikes too.

Good luck

my old YZ400 will do that. i have ridden one KTM 250SX and the footpegs rattled so bad my feet were numb when i got off. i am sure there had to be something wrong though. so what about the 2smokes (maybe this aint the place) but are there any 300EXC testimonies out there?? the guys i have been riding with alot of them have CR500AF's, have you guys seen these?? crazy bikes!!

I will add this, after racing KTM's for almost 10 years. When you buy a KTM, you might get a good one or you might a lemon, depending whether it was Friday or Monday when the bike was assembled.

BUT, first and foremost.....The fricking spares, Man, the fricking spare parts are ALWAYS on backorder and are outrageously expensive. What's the good about quality parts/componets when you can't get them !...Always an Austrian backorder.

You see a lot of orange because the KTM MSO does not state "Off Highway Use Only". It is the same MSO as any street legal bike, so racers (especially enduro racers) buy those so they can race with a registered bike. Same goes for trail riders.

How is KTM getting away with that ? I do not know....maybe I'll send a letter to the DOT and EPA........

My 05 525 exc says offroad only on the title.

dunno bout u buy my 426 is green.. :D

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