Alpinestar tech 10 V.S Garena SG -10's

I have searched and read the reviews ,anyone tried both ? I currently have some tech 8's that I have had for a few years and its time for new ones, I like the white alpinestars and the carbon and white SG's.Thanks

sg-10's if you want protection.....Tech 10 if you want to be trendy.

I have the SG-10's and love them. Most comfortable boot I've ever owned. Don't know about the Tech 10's but have heard good things about them and see alot of them out there.


The SG-10's are really good, by far the best boot i have ever used! much better than the tech 8's

I'm a tech-8 user myself, never tired the others. When you guys say one is better than the other, please state WHY you think it's better. Better comfort with equal protection, better protection, just like the style better, etc.. :applause:

Much better protection, the sole is much firmer, the ankle doesent bulge (look at your tech 8's the ankle is buldging) and the comfort is like a tennis shoe. I broke my foot twice with the tech 8's and have not had a problem since?????????? is all that matters....

The SG-10's are really good, by far the best boot i have ever used! much better than the tech 8's

Here, Here--I agree, the SG-10 took hardly any time to break-in and fitted like a glove. I've had several Alpinestars boots, all were good. They just aren't as protective as the SG-10.

SG10 all the way.I used to be an alpinestar man and have said numerous times"I will never buy another brand of boot".Well after breaking my foot twice and my ankle once I decided to get some SG10s.

As for comfort they cannot be beat.I was alittle worried about them not having the bootie but now I feel the bootie is just a waste of time.These are like a pillo when your in them.

Protection is a A+++.They sole is soft enough so you get some feel outa it but still stiff.The ankle support and protection is top notch.I like that there is a big piece of plastic over where the ball of my ankle is.Also the hinge system limits the way the ankle can move.

As far as durability they are alot better than Astars.The sole still looks new as does the rest of the boot with the exception of a few black marks.

I also like the looks alot better than the tech10.They look like moon boots.comfortable moon boots.

and those moon boots are very nice to ride

no break in time, perfect fit, overall soft and twisty, but hardened at critical areas

superb for the woods and also they dont dislike a bit of walking

t 10

i have the tech 10's i like them because there comfortable. and yes they look cool as well..

I can't tell anything about SG10, but I have very bad feedback about Alpinestars Tech 10. I had mine for less then a season. They look as piece of s@#t and the pivoting system on low back of boot is broken on both boots.

They are very comfortable though, but for such amount of money I expected more :D

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