XR600 needs Full system for fwy speed?

I have a '96 XR600 that I turned dual sport. I put on a Yosh slip-on and I love the improvement. Will I get alot more with the Yosh headpipe? The stock pipes seem so small but I don't want to lose low end. I ride this bike on the street mostly. I am on the freeway for at least a few miles each time I go out. I am thinking about cams for this bike as well. The motor pulls hard but does not do Freeway speed to well (>60mph). I did add a tooth to the front but the bike seems to want to fly apart above 60mph. Thanks for any help. ~P

I had the same problem with my 97 XR600R, I think the only real fix might be a big bore kit and taller gearing, I bought a 650R and geared it tall, it cruises at 75 to 80 mph, runs cool and has a good pull to 106, the 600 will need more torque to pull hi gearing.

The xr600 has more horse power and torque than smaller machines that handle gearing byond 80mph. Maybe a wider ratio is needed in the gearbox? Has anyone put cams in their Hondas? Is it difficult? Did you get the results you wanted?

My fathers 96 XR600 is street legal as well...he has a 15/48 sprocket combo and it seems to pull just fine up to 80.... when he bought it, it had a 44 on the back but with that gearing it didn't fair too well on dirt trails, way too tall :applause: He does have a different exhaust, I don't remember which brand though.

My 93 XR600 has a full stainless exhaust with an aluminum WB muffler. It also has the Honda power up clutch basket (higher internal gearing). I can putt along at walking speed or fly down the freeway at 80. The rest of the motor is stock, but the airbox is drilled.

My 97 does 70+ down the highway just fine with stock gearing and an FMF pipe.

It depends what you mean by going down the freeway, I'm talking about 100 miles at a time at 80 mph 1/3 throttle on my XR650R, my XR600R was at 3/4 throttle and bellowing heat at 70 mph or above on 90+ degree days. I tried different gearing on the the 4 XR600Rs I had and they just weren't happy above 65 mph for long runs in hot weather.

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