Higher Ground

The BRP's worked hard this year, so I'm taking it on hard-earned vacation to check out the trails near Altamont, UT.

My current So-Cal elevation is 2,355 and we're heading to 5,514. Can I expect the bike to run OK for a few days without altering carb settings?

Which BRP are talking about? (I don't mean to offend any 650R guys...)

I took my 97 650L to the mountains in northern Utah last year. I rode trails up to around 9,000 ft with my standard main jet. (155, uncorked).

All I did was adjust the pilot a couple of turns in to lean it out a little. It ran OK. When I was up at 9,000 there was definitely a power drop-off, but not enough to really impact my riding.

650r. Uncorked and porked.


I ride my BRP in Colorado every summer at 7,000+. I've had good results running a 155 main jet up there.

But to answer your question, from about 2k to about 5k, yeah you'll be alright as is, but keep in mind the bike will feel a little rich and slower. Not usually a big deal for a big bore fourstroke over a 3 thousand foot altitude spread.


'00 XR650R/uncorked/jetted/street legal

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