My Apologies

Sorry, I'm a dickhead sometimes. I've asked that my Newbie thread be deleted, as things went completely the opposite way I had intended. To those of you I offended, I apologize. Now can't we all just get along? :applause::) ...SC

P.S. - Many thanks to Mr. Bosch :eek:

Just having a bad day?

It does get frustrating at times but don't let it get to you.

yeah my apologies too for taking the piss.

just like riding in the bush, we have to wait for newbies(and quads) until they learn the ropes.

i take heart in the fact so many are joining the sport and to be honest, without thumpertalk i could'nt own a wr or I would have spent hundreds if not thousands on mechanics who would have been cakking themselves doing 2 minute repairs and charging me $100.

and what's wrong with marcus esque posts?

my initial attraction to thumpertalk was reading the replies to his posts, it brings out the type of humour normally found around a bike trailer at the end of a ride.

I know bugger all about real mechanics, but have helped people on here solve simple problems and as a result they can go ride and i think that's what it's about.

p.s. I wish life had the option of deleting something you said yesterday as I'm sure if it did I'd have spent more time on sex than thumpertalk.

I musta missed something. But I always respect a man who can apologize, especially publically :applause: . I know, because I have had to do it more that I would like to admit. :eek: We all have bad days, and it is always hard to convey 'tone' when typing. Anyways, I hope all is well that ends well.


Hey, does anybody know if the blue Acerbis tank will fit my bike?.. :applause::) I didn't think you were being all that hard.. I too find myself typing the same thing over and over again.. It's cool.... :eek:

No harm no foul :applause: I'm sure I asked a couple dumb question myself before learning to use the search function :eek:

Sorry i called you a dickhead, Clark. i read your post at a bad time , and took it out on you. anybody that rides is alright in my book.

Man......there is a lot of love in this room :eek::):p:p:applause:

I have no idea what happened or what you said or who you said it to or when you said it. :D

However, I still accept your apology. :D

Don't do it again! :D

Man, I am getting warm and fuzzy all over. :D

I just put the natural Acerbis tank on my 05 WR450 and it fit like a glove... I highly recommend it... I bout it here for $197 -

Now if I can only get the damn fuel lines run so that they actually deliver fuel to the carb I would be even happier! If anyone has done this please help me out...

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