05 air filter box better than 04?

Are there any performance gains if I switch my 04 filter box out with an 05 :applause: I forgot where I read that an 05 box has more room and lets the bike breath better and that it was interchangable with an 04. :eek:

Any real benefit from this mod, or ist it only numbers on the dyno :)

The mods were to the shape of the air boot. It may or may not require that you use the '05 air box to use the '05 boot. Any gains from it were very subtle, I'm sure. I doubt it would be a very noticeable difference, but I've never seen the numbers Yamaha got from it, so I don't know for sure. It's just experience with mods of that type, and how much was gained from them. If you had to replace yours because of crash damage, I'd say use the "new improved" one, but if you're just looking for more performance, I don't think there's much bang for your buck there.

Thanx Gray :applause:

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