Changing Fork Oil (BRP)

Is there an easy way to drain the oil out of the fork tubes to change? The service manual has you remove the tubes from the bike and disasemble. I would have thought you could drain by removal of the compression adjuster but this is not mentioned. I have read that the factory fluid is not the best and want to replace with the 2.5 wt amsoil I recently bought without it being a day long project.

Take them off. You must pump them to get all the old oil out. You can flush with an inexpensive Automatic Transmission fluid if the old oil is snotty and then fill with the good stuff.

You can always remove the fork caps and then turn the bike upside down and hang from the ceiling. Remember to pump the front wheel up and down to get all the oil out with this technique though.

It only takes a few minutes to remove the front wheels and pull the forks. Total time for both forks is about an hour. I usually change out my oil with each front tire change.

Mi dos centavos

Good info HERE.

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