parts from 4strokesonly

me and a couple of other guys got together and picked out what we wanted to make 1 order to help save some money on shipping, i called them and placed the order said it would be a few days before he had one of the things then he would send them all at 1 time,well a few days later i seen where my card was charged and now it has been a month exactly since then and still no parts and i have made several calls no return calls and 1 email no return emails. :applause:

has anybody delt with this guy? i am getting the bank involved today to get my money back after i make 1 more call to them.

i dont want to down anybody but i think this is just a bit long for parts and no return calls so you might want to make sure you know exactly when your stuff is coming like the day your card has been charged. :eek:

I'm surprised you even got a hold of him to place an order. I have tryed ordering a replacement tail light lens 6 times and no one ever answered the phone.

I have ordered parts from him before. It has taken a while sometimes, what I was told is that he sources some parts from Japan and it take a while for him to receive them.


Isnt it amazing a store could stay in buisness like that. I did get my stuff just took awhile. May be this is some side line buisness that he gets to when he does.

I forget the guys name and he is hard to get a hold of. I needed a new fender quick style and he was the only one that had a rear for my BRP in stock and he did overnight to me :applause: sorry you didnt get your stuff yet.

I am just guessing, but I would suspect he is only a "web-store", no warehouse or parts in stock, just ordering from his suppliers as the orders come in ... unfortunatley, pretty common practice in the computer age ... try here on Thumpertalk Store, or, you'll be well served :applause:

duah, its riding season, people are gonna want to pimp out their bikes. he has a lot of orders to fill. order stuff mid winter if you want it fast!

His name is Andy, I spoke to him like 15min when I ordered my tail light. He seemed pretty cool, but stoner-like (I would know as a retired 1) and it took like 3 weeks for him to ship to me like 100mi away.

He is very slow as a business guy, and thats really too bad. Not very motivated or organized I guess.

But... I love !!!! The product, fit, finish, and function I ended up with. So to me it was worth it.

Just be patient if you deal with this Cat.

*ps*...whooo hooo 300 posts and never a Spam...

unless you count that sentance !

duah, its riding season, people are gonna want to pimp out their bikes. he has a lot of orders to fill. order stuff mid winter if you want it fast!

In CA winter is our BIG riding season as the Desert heat is unbearable before Thanksgiving and after like March or so...

You should see the dunes on Thanksgiving weekend...100,000 people at least !

its too damn cool...


i would really like to have the stuff ,he did have the stuff listed i wanted just had to wait a week or 10 days for him to get in the skid plate then he would get the stuff out to me ,then like almost 3 weeks later my credit card is charged for the parts so i start watching for the stuff ,i know it at least 5 days shipping from there to here, then another week,another,another,start calling for him and left messages,then this is the 4th week exactly 30 days since he collected on it and no product for me .

i dont like this kinda this of bussiness with folks, and it is the middle of summer there isnt it ,he ought to have some time to send my stuff.

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