Harold in Southern CA...


Where are you?? Haven't heard a southern peep from you in awhile!!

Yeah man...what's up?

Abducted by aliens??

Stuck in the desert with a bike that won't start?? :)

Seriously now.....did you get your bike starting properly yet Harold? I've been watching these jetting/CDI threads, and can't help remembering you in Moab. I seem to remember ThumperDarryl (Pumpkin Hoser) saying it was likely CDI....

Hello Hello Hello. It made me feel good to see this post. Especially since I was thinking of the Moab trip on my way home from a race yesterday.

I've been crazy busy. Bike is working great (see technical post). Converted from skiing to snowboarding this year and have a season pass to Mammoth so I'm having a lot of fun. Work's not too good and dealing with that. Girlfriend's back in the picture and thats good. Thinking about being a student again. Riding a few times a month. Been wondering about another moab or california trip. Looking at buying a used Toyota Supra. Blah Blah Blah.

I did my first desert race yesterday. A Desert Scramble out at Lucerne Valley yesterday. Two loops on a 28 mile course through the desert. Really fun. Terrain was not too difficult. I did the course in about 2 1/2 hours. Considering my first moto-x race. Been watching all the Supercross races on ESPN2. Trying to learn.

Take care. Not to make a womans club but I wouldn't mind hearing whats up with some of you guys.


Happy to hear all is okay.

I've been busier than a hooker on dollar day (business wise). As a result I find that not much happens when I get home except a big crash.

We're not riding up here yet, so I've got the beast in little pieces. We have little snow though, so it may be a year where we can hit the trails as early as May. I guess that means I should start finding all the pieces!

I've been trying to get a website up with the Moab Helmetcam footage, and some local footage from up here. Major delays getting the new pc (required for the video editing), and now little time to do the editing. I guess I shouldn't have bought the pc, it was a great excuse for my lack of results.

At this rate I'll STILL beat KerryT with the video stuff! :) (pot calling the kettle black).

I hope you Moabers are still thinking about coming up here for some riding. I know that the pics & video will be motivating (eventually!), for now you must use your imagination.....


Are you going to race the Dirt Diggers H&H at the end of the month. If so stop by the RUTS pits and introduce yourself. There are three members with WR400s and we typically line up on the start (Novice Class) together and race against each other to the bomb. Then the fast guys (I am not one of them) leave the others in the dust. I look forward to meeting you in the desert.

Bob F73


Proud Member of Racers Under the Son (www.ruts.org)& District 37 Desert

98.5 Dodge 2500 24v Cummins 4x4

00 Yamaha WR400

99 Yamaha PW80

99 Terry Fifth Wheel

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