G'day, i have a wrf 400 99, with the stock header

i was wondering is there any performance to gain from upgrading to an aftermarket header?

i know it would be handy to not have to unbolt it to change/clean the filter

also those torque stuffer things u put inside the start of ur header, anyone used one or are they just cheese?

thanks - Brett

so no one knows anything about headers??

fair enough

Re-phrase your question, I don't know what the hell your asking.

I believe the question was "is there any performance to gain from upgrading to an aftermarket header?"

My guess would be yes, (maybe very small gain over the stocker) provided it was matched to a silencer and intake and jetting were matched as well. The header alone? I would guess little or no gain, possibly worse if not re jetted. HOWEVER, I don't have a 99 WR400 or even an aftermarket header on my 03 WR450, so the validity of what I say could be nill. Just this motorheads' opinion. :D

I just added a FMF powerbomb header to my '03 WR, very little difference from stock. I changed out the header to stainless steel over the stock Ti one just from fear of ruining the softer Ti unit.

ok cool, thanks guys that was the kind of info i was after :D

I reckon you get more benefit from fitting an aftermarket muffler than an aftermarket pipe compared to the standard items.

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