XR650R Motard set up

Finally finished!

Need info on setting the Motard up for street and track days.

It has Race Tech springs front and rear for my weight.

17" front and rear with Michelin Pilot Race H2's

The bike just seems vague.....



I found that by cranking up the rebound on the rear to near max then taking it out on the track and backing it of 2 clicks at a time until the bike stopped skipping as I gassed it hard out of corners made a world of difference. I had fitted a heavier Eibach rear spring and it now had little or no squat as I accelerate and the traction is much improved.

Of course now that my new front springs have arrived from Eibach in the US of A I will install them and probabaly have to go through the set up again. Never mind I have my own track to pactise on so I can't complain.

I take it you have a 320mm brake up front? Have you done any jetting/airbox mods?


Yes, Edlebrock QS, E series pipe, side panel opened with Barnums kit and uni filter.

Does it help the front wheel feel planted?

Front end feel very planted. I did drop the forks through the yolks by 15mm but may put them back as I preferred the way they were before. My mate who races a Husaberg 650 much prefers my front end set up than his.

I am about to order a set of te new road legal cut slicks from Maxxis to see how they perform on the road as well as the track. Should save me riding with slicks on the roads!!! Not advisable.

Thanks for help!

I will try the the compression adjustment.

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