anyone have pics of the throttle stop swap

I got the kit. No pics or instructions. ANYTHING would be nice because I dont feel like paying the dealership $150.


are you asking how to change the screw?

Dirt Rider did a write up with pics covering all the free mods like 2 issues ago. You can get back issues at your local library.

Here's the jist of the throttle stop: Unbolt the AIS module on the right side of the bike as it gets in the way. On the rear of the carb, mounted vertically, with the head of the bolt facing down, is a 6mm Allen bolt (maybe 8mm, I forget). If you're not sure where it is still, look for where the two throttle cables connect to the right side of the carb. Now look a little to the left and there she is. Remove the vertically mounted bolt with an Allen wrench (or an Allen ratchet bit) and install the shorter YZ stop screw.

If you still can't find it, send me a PM and I'll email you a photo after work.

thanks for the help. I didnt know it was a simple screw change, now I just sound like a newbie.

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