Air Screw...Where it go???

So i Just got this 05 WR450, And got this trip plan out for 6500' up in the local Mountains Tomorrow. I'm trying to re jet for that elevation...

But i cant find the darn thing (air screw) i know where the hot plunger is and that big black knob that i believe is the idle knob, And i know for a fact that it has to be on that side somewhere next to the gas line, But the air screw is no where to be found hahaha what a monkey i am. :applause:

A little help guy's i feel like a true noob. :eek:

On a 4 stroke it's a fuel screw, and it's located in front of the float bowl on the bottom. You might need a mirror to see it.

look on the botttom of the carb in front of the float bowl and you will see a plug that hides the screw. I just ran a screw up the center of the plug and yanked it out with pliars, then you can adjust it with a small screwdriver.

good luck Phil

remove the plug that covers it and buy a zip ty fuel adjuster or another brand.The knob will stick out the bottom with#'s on it then you can fine tune and adjust with your elevaton changes its great.

Thanks guy's :D Found it, Took care of it, Re jet it.

That's kinda of dumb place to put an air screw :D , But looks like the Zip Ty set up is a must.

Just to reiterate, it's a fuel screw, not an air screw. That's why it seems like a dumb place to put it to you. It behaves the opposite way an air screw does. Turn it in, it leans the mixture. Turn it out, it richens the mixture.

Got it. I will never call it a Air screw again :D

Where did you guy's get that after market mix screw?

I looked in the TT store but only saw the 2 stroke screws.

Are you guy's buying them strait from Zip Ty?

Thanks, Eddie.

That's where I got mine, right from Zip tye

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