Who Said Elephants Can't Fly!!!

Tim Morton of Baja Bound Adventures just sent me a couple of spectacular photos of the new BMW HP2... :applause:



SWEET pics! :applause:

That bike is probably 100lbs heavier than the 650R.

Wrong forum???

he he

Wrong forum???

he he

... friggin' "L" riders... :applause:

Wrong forum???

he he

Thats what I thought when you guys started posting L stuff here :applause:

Friggin Douscheberg riders...ahhhhh

hey, any bike can can get to the top of the hill is a ok by me... :D

Nice pics...... :D:D

That's cool, I saw an article and pictures of that new BMW in motorcyclist magazine, last month issue I think. Seems like it weighs somewhere close to or right at 400lbs.

Yes, it weighs somewhere around 400lbs. wet, but in race tune it carries an extra 70hp over the BRP.

Damit! I hate it when an "L" rider makes me feel small... Better go sell some bikes and get me a new capachino machine.

I cant figure out that bike. Or why BMW is waisting its time and money. They build up this great Dakar effort for many years and then pull the plug. 5 years later they come out with a bike no one will ever buy.

Twin cylinder bikes are banned by both FIM and the AMA...even if there was a format for 400 lb dirt bikes with lousy shocks and questionable electronics. Dakar wont allow 2 cylinders over 450cc--so it cant even go to Africa.

Why would anyone buy it over a 950 KTM -- or other big bore dual sport.

400 lb desert bikes went out with the 1960's...

Dont get me wrong...its a real curiosity--and its nice to see new motorcycles--but what is the point?

950? OOOOOOOOOOO I didn't know that.

Don't underestimate the BMW fan base. Rumor is dealers are only accepting bids for the limited production HP2's... and you better get out your checkbook if you want one...

The way BMW has explained it is that the bikes are much like the M series for BMW cars. High performance, limited edition things that BMW is really not trying to sell. As a result, there will only be one allocated per dealer. Likewise, BMW is rumored to be planning the equivalent limited edition, high performance versions of other bikes in it's range for the same purpose.

yeah i get all that.

I mean i assumed that was what they were doing. Like the Chrysler Maybach or the street legal Desmoduici 999...

But why would BMW get out of dakar, stop the limited production 900RR 3 years ago and now start it all up again. Just seems odd. I bought a BMW Dakar bike in 2001 and was stoked that they where coming out with all this dirt stuff--and then POOF--it all ended and even my local BMW dealer said--hey they are getting out of dirt stuff and going back to their roots...now it seems weird that someone in Germany has done yet another 180...been burned once by them--wont be buying this time.

I give it 2 years max. :D

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