Air Filter Question

I just purchased a Twin Air filter for my 2001 WR426.

The part number on the package is 152213

Says it's for YZ 125/250/400/426 - 97/00

I assumed the YZ and WR are interchangeable, now I'm wondering.

In looking through a catalog I just found the following:

15-2213E WR 400/426 98-02

15-2213B YZ 400/426/450 98-05

Any idea the difference between the “E” and the “B”? The package has no suffix letter on the end.


I know the yz250f filters are the same as the wr450. :applause:

Part number on my package is 152215 and it says WR 250/450 so there must be a difference.

oops, I re-read your post and mine is for an 05 WR450. Sorry.

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