Anyone have a set of rims for sale

Iam looking for a front and/or rear rim to buy. The rear can be a 18 or 19 inch. They must fit a 05 wr 450.

I'm selling the stock rims/hubs off of my '99 WR400....I don't know if they will fit your '05 :D

I'm looking for a rear wheel for my -00 WR

Hey rockieman the rear will fit not sure on the front yet. How much are you looking to get for the units?

I'm looking for a front rim for my wr 426 2002.

Is there any available ?


I have a good condition 19" rear that will fit 99-05 wr yz and yzf... I would really like to trade straight across for an 18" in simalar condition...

anyone interested?

firezwr426, I am really interested in your 19 inch rim I don't have a trade but will buy yours outright!! E-mail me if your interested.

thanks but I think I would rather find someone to trade, or I will buy a 18" spoke kit and lace it to this hub....

anyone have an 18" to trade?

I have rims and spokes front and back for 01'WR250F. Mint cond. Pm me for email addy if interested.


Check your PM :D

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