Needed - Stock Hubs/Wheels

Hey guys, anyone got a couple of stock wheels/hubs they can spare? Let me know.

yeah- i have a set.

both have excell rims--no obvious dents.

both have 8 guage buchanon spokes.

laced up by Wheelworks.

What would you take for them?

i dunno.

cost to duplicate them would be

$100 for a rim

$40 for spokes

$210 for a hub

$55 for lacing

$100 for a disc

But that would be a brand new rim. These are used.

$325 each seem fair?

Iron Dude. If he doesn't want them, I'll take you up on the offer. I need a spare set for the 1000.


is there anywhere a person can purchasae aftermarket hubs?

Or are we stuck using the OEM ones?

I am also looking into getting a second set of them rigged up for the desert racing series this winter.

Talon and Excel both make hub sets. I would not use Excels on a 650R. They are universal hubs with carrier sets. I've used them on 400/450s with no issues but I've heard the BRPs tear them up. The Talons seem to be really popular.

I have a set of stock rims and hubs, they're in great shape. I just put a set of 17's on mine.

Iron Dude,

Those sound like nice wheels, but I am just looking for something to get my project bike on the dirt. My wife has a budget for this project and it does not include much for nice wheels. Sounds like a deal for someone though.


What do you want for the stockers?

Thanks to all who have responded.

Hate to jump on the bandwagon late, but I've got two sets of stock BRP wheelsets to sell. One set comes with everything (Tires, rotors, tubes, sprocket), and the other comes sans front disk, sprocket, and maybe rear sprocket (can't remember). Not sure what their worth. Both sets are in excellent condition, one from a 60 year old who gave up riding and the other from a guy that rode around his front yard (neighbors must've love him). Both simply replaced in the quest to make the ultimate dualsports, with Talon Hubs / Bulldog spokes / Excel rims for no better reason than the bling factor. :D PS - Live in San Diego, CA, and prefer local pickup so they can be inspected. But will be on my way to San Francisco next weekend, and can drop off if on the way.

Hey Naru, sent you a PM!


how much for the talon/excell/buchanon wheels?


how much for the stock wheels?


How much do you want for the stock set?


Well... since this thread is still alive:

any of you know where I can pick up a set of Talon Hubs at?

Its getting to the point I need to start setting up new wheels.

I'll try and answer 3 questions in one:

1. Sorry the Excel talon wheelsets I have aren't for sale, just the stock sets.

2. I'm really not sure what to ask for the wheels. I haven't had time to do research on what their worth, but I'm just looking to get and give a fair deal for them, no price gouging. In other words, I'm accepting offers.

3. You can order Talon hubs, along with Excel rims, bulldog spokes and spline drive nipples from your local dealer. Both White brothers and parts unlimited stock them. What I did is in the first few pages of the White bros catalog in the wheels section you can find your bike, then find part numbers for all of the above in whatever color you like. They do it so you can order custom wheels and have them build them, but you can just order the parts and build them yourself.

I'd say $250, is that fair?? I'll send you pics if you want.


SO now we have a set of stock wheels for $250 each.

We have a set of Excell/8 guage Buchanons for $325 each.

And we might have one more set of stock wheels for an undetermined but 'fair' price.

Any takers?

Hmmm, got a few replies from people wanting both sets. So, I think they're sold. :D I'll post if otherwise.

On a side note, I still have two excellent condition sets of radiators that are going up for sale (replaced by Fluidyne units), barely used Trick DS kit, new Moriwaki Exhaust, and tons of good condition stock parts. Sorry to thread hijack, but I need to start saving for a Barnums 680 special kit... for both bikes :D .

so what did the wheels go for--or is it top secret?

Highly top secret. So secret in fact that I'm not quite sure yet. I'm still working on that. I had one flat out offer for $250 for both front and rear, but at that price I'd just keep them for backups rather that's all their worth or not.

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