1999 wr lovely bike ,extra silencer,,brand new on/off road bridgestones ,,never raced ,low milage,,must sell due to new job

£2800ovno ,,or i will px for a DOMINATOR or TT600R ,,or something that can be used to commute,,,



i'm in bracknell berkshire nr slough,,its a bit of a drive but if your seriuosly looking for a wr ,,you should definatly come and have a look,,its strange all the interest i have had is from yorkshire/ midlands etc ,,you guys must have some nice lanes or to much spare time!,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

what pipe have you got?

will you sell sep?

how much

Hello Fatman

Might be interested!

Where about in U.K. are you?

I'm in the West Midlands, let me know would you

i've managed to find the bike i need so for this week only i'll let the bike go for £2600 no offers on that though ,,,


[This message has been edited by FATMAN (edited 03-12-2001).]

Dave(westy) are you anywhere near sheffield?

or do you go near it if you were to come down this way to look at the bike?,,,,


westy, i thought i'd let you know ,,the guy just rang me again and said hes coming in the morning to look at the bike ,,if he doenst have it i'll let you know,,,,


sorry westy but hes given me a deposit :)

if by any chance something happens ,,your top of the list ,,,,,adam

westy where abouts in the west midlands are u, im near warwick

Hi sandracer i'm just outside Dudley

well letme know if you fancy going for a blast somewhere when the f+m dies down

Hi Sandracer

I live just outside Dudley

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