fuel tank wr-400


does anyone nows what kind of plastic is used for this fuel tank

i have a problem in mine and i bought the plastic welder epoxy by devcon but it sais not for politilen or polipropilen.

Hello nimiz1

The plastic welder idea just wont work !

What kind of damage did the tank sustain ?

These bikes & exhaust systems get so hot ,the idea of any kind of fuel leak is best


Buy yourself a new tank .

Thats what i think.

Good luck.


i have a small fuel leak at the bottom of the tank

to buy a new one us not an option now ' a new tank in my country is about 700$.

take it to the car plastic repair shop and if they cant do the job, nobody will

except maybe someone who specializes in fuel tank repair if in existance :D

Awesome Bamster, that was going to be my sugestion, the WR tanks go real cheap on ebay, compared with the YZ ones.

Do you guys remember the video of the WR 400 burning. The person was a TT member who "fixed" a leak in his plastic tank. As I recall it held for a while....I remember him being threatened with the bill for the entire fire as well.

Dont repair this tank unless your willing to risk your bike, your self, or others in a fire. The used wr tanks never sell for much.

Hello all

That's what i think , change it !

You just dont mess around with fuel & hot engine's .


Won't a tank from a WR426 fit as well, could help find more tanks on Ebay. I'm sure you will find one cheap with a bit of patience. Worst case is you will need somebody to ship it overseas for ya. It'll cost a bit, but much less than $700 US I hope.


I doubt he meant 700 USD considering new clarkes go for $170 USD, $530 for shipping? Wonder where he is in the world.

thank you all , it is 700$ in israel but i found used one for 60$ and i will buy it today

thank you.

When you need parts, like a fuel tank, just post your needs here on the forum and/or go on e-bay. Don't do like Bamster though... and check the countries to which the seller is willing to ship! :D Sometimes, you'll see people willing to ship worldwide. My WR is full of e-bay junk and stuffs I've bought from TTers.... seat, tank, pipe, bash plate...

My father went to Israel once. From the pictures I've seen it must be a terrific place to ride a dirt bike.

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