2005 Quick Reference Guide

I was bored at work today, so I went through the service manual and pulled out a bunch of stuff that I seem to be repeatedly looking up. I included a bunch of basic stuff like oil type, tire sizes, etc., along with page numbers to regularly performed procedures and some common torque specs. I didn't go into the transmission or anything in the engine beyond valve adjustments. I figured if you're that good, you already know where to look. This was primarily for those of us at the 3-4 wrench ability level that can tackle most of the routine, yet complex procedures. Be forwarned however, these apply to the '05 WR450 and therefore may not be the same for your model. With that said, here it is in all its glory. Feel free to augment, copy and/or distribute...SC


2005 Yamaha WR450FT Quick Reference & Index

General Information

Motor Oil - 10W30 API Type SG

Oil Capacity - 1.16 US Qt. (w/ filter change)

Coolant Capacity - 1.65 US Qt.

Spark Plug - NGK CR8E (.028” - .031” gap)

Sprocket Ratio - 14:50

Tire Size - Front: 80/100 - 21 (15 PSI)

Rear: 110/100 - 18 (15 PSI)

Drive Chain Slack - 1.9” - 2.3”

Front Axle Nut – 22mm

Rear Axle Nut – 27mm

Steering Shaft Nut – 30mm

Main Jet – 165

Pilot Jet – 45

Pilot Air Jet – 80

Starter Jet – 65

Leak Jet – 50

Procedure Index

Coolant Replacement 3-12

Oil Replacement 3-21

Valve Clearance Procedure 3-26

Suspension Compression/Rebound Adjustment 3-43

Carburetor 5-2

Clutch 5-47

Water Pump Shaft/Impeller 5-56

Front/Rear Wheel 6-1

Front/Rear Brake 6-11

Front Fork 6-26

Steering Head 6-46

Swingarm 6-52

Rear Shock 6-60

Common Torque Specs

Front Axle Nut - 75 ft/lb (105Nm)

Front Axle Pinch Bolt - 17 ft/lb (23Nm)

Rear Axle Nut - 90 ft/lb (125Nm)

Upper Engine Bracket/Frame - 40 ft/lb (55Nm)

Upper Engine Bracket/Engine - 37 ft/lb (52Nm)

Lower Engine Bracket/Frame - 24 ft/lb (34Nm)

Lower Engine Bracket/Engine - 50 ft/lb (69Nm)

Spark Plug - 9.4 ft/lb (13Nm)

Cylinder Head Cover Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Camshaft Cap Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Timing Chain Tensioner Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Timing Chain Tensioner Cap Bolt - 5.1 ft/lb (7Nm)

Drive Sprocket Nut - 54 ft/lb (75Nm)

Rear Sprocket Bolt – 36 ft/lb (50Nm)

Rear Oil Drain Bolt - 14ft/lb (20Nm)

Side Oil Drain Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Frame Drain Bolt - 17 ft/lb (23Nm)

Oil Filter Drain Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Oil Filter Cover Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Water Pump Housing Bolt - 7.2 ft/lb (10Nm)

Upper Subframe Bolt - 23 ft/lb (32Nm)

Lower Subframe Bolt - 21 ft/lb (29Nm)

Upper Shock Mounting Bolt - 40 ft/lb (56Nm)

Lower Shock Mounting Bolt - 38 ft/lb (53Nm)

Swingarm Pivot Shaft - 61 ft/lb (85Nm)

Relay Arm/Connecting Rod Nut - 58 ft/lb (80Nm)

Relay Arm/Swingarm Nut - 58 ft/lb (80Nm)

Thanks Steve. I printed it out because I am usually thumbing through with greasy fingers looking for that stuff.

Thanks Steve. I printed it out because I am usually thumbing through with greasy fingers looking for that stuff.

I second that. :D

Good work Steve. Very handy guide.

I downloaded a PDF version of the 2003 manual from and then print the pages for the work i'm going to perform but this is still a handy reference. :D

Aaaaah, many thanks, been meaning to do something like this for ages now.

Very handy.

Hi just found out that iv'e got the fifth gear problem on my 05 wr450!!. Would i be right in ordering the parts from the 07 model to sort this out as yamaha did something to the trans in 07's model and i would like to think that this sorted out the slipping problem that the early one suffered from. Or do i just have to stick with 05 parts????

Thanks Skid

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