YZ450F Flywheel wieght choices...

YZ450F Flywheel wieght choices...

How do I determine what size flywheel weight will best suit me and my 2004 YZ450F? What are the pros and cons of different ounces. I am 260lb and mainly ride trails, but will see some light track use.


+6 for both and +8 for trails, there are a few manufacturers,go for the whole flywheel instead of add on weights. i run a trail tech,high quality ,good price :D

I'm not sure if Trail Tech does this or not, but Dr.D will let you trade in a flywheel of one weight for one of another any time, and charge you only shipping. That way, if you decide you bought one too heavy or too light, you can switch.

He took my 4oz back for a 6, and I wasn't even the original purchaser. And yes, he knew that.

After way too much thought, research, and a failed Ebay purchase, I went with a Dr. D 6oz. I couldn't be more pleased. The bike is easier to ride, the front wheel comes up instead of the back sliding out, I am riding faster laps and the arm pump from hanging on for dear life is gone. I ride mostly motocross right now. On the trail I could use a little more weight. I only weigh 170 though. I've been watching this Trail Tech 8oz. auction for days on the trail, but I need sprockets and tires right now.

Well, just ordered the +8 Dr.D. I think it should smooth out my power alot from what I am reading. I also bought a 13 tooth Renthal front sprocket to boot. I should be all set for a bit.

I currently have a 13oz flywheel weight that is too heavy for my liking so I am going to yank it off and get a lighter one, not sure whether it'll be the 4 or 6 oz weight as I mainly ride mx. Can you tell the difference between the 4 oz and the 6 oz?

the +6 on my 05 is just enough to hook it up and not enough to slow ya down :D

I currently have a 13oz flywheel weight that is too heavy for my liking

Bear this in mind: The Dr.D, GYT-R, and (correct me if this is wrong) the Trail Tech flywheels being discussed are flywheels with weights welded to the outside edge, and because of that, they are sold as complete flywheels. Yamaha's are an outright purchase, Dr.D is an exchange. You mentioned a weight that is bolted on. The difference is that because the welded-on weights don't have to have a central hub by which they are bolted, all of their weight is located on the outer edge of the flywheel where it is the most effective. That means that an 8oz Dr.D provides about the same rotating inertia as a stock flywheel with a 12oz bolt-on weight.

the trail tech is not like the gyt-r(i've not seen a dr.d),with the welded band added. its a whole new machined peice,perfectly balanced. thats one of the reasons i went with them :D

Then it's essentially the same, in respect to the comparison between the Dr.D and GYT-R flywheels and the bolt-on weights. The extra weight is concentrated on the rim, where it does the most good.

And, of course, both the above mentioned flywheels are balanced after the weld-up, which is another thing you don't get with a weight.

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