Need spec for front forks on a 04 YZ450

I'm trying to finish changing the oil in my forks and I'm having problems with the 20 MM or more tolerance from the top of the damper rod to the locknut that goes against the fork cap. I'm using my friends 04 WR450 manual (dealer gave me a manual for an 05 YZ450 :D ) and it shows 20 MM. I'm not sure if the YZ is different. If anybody has a 03 or 04 manual handy please let me know what spec it gives.

It's 20 or more, same as you have. But the best thing is to back off both compression clickers all the way soft and run the rods into the caps until they bottom. Then run the nuts up against them. That way, there's all the thread contact you can have, and the rods are run into the caps the same distance, so both clickers will actually be at the same setting when they're both at any given number of clicks.

Thanks for the info. I messed up and didn't back out the clickers like you said to do. That explains why I couldn't get enough of the threads exposed. Time to go back to the garage

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