accidentally hit compression release while riding

hit it for a split second...twice. did i do any damage? moved it since.

I really doubt you damaged anything. I have done this many times, accidently, and I have no damage.

A quick funny story about this for no reason what so ever but to make you laugh. In my first ever Hare Scramble last year, it was a dead start, stradling the front tire. I was quite nervous. I jumped around and kicked it over and grabbed a handfull of compression lever instead of the clutch. Killed it immediately. I watched in horror as 50 guys left me in the dust. And I felt the stares of 200 amused riders behind me in other classes piercing my skull.

Thanks Dougie, that one made me laugh out loud, the wife thinks I'm cracking up from too much contact cleaner this afternoon.

yep no probs olson.

sometimes i like to listen to it for fun.

it's known over here as "small potatoes".

in aus as "no worries mate!".


thanks guys. the manual makes such a fuss about not engageing this thing while running that i thought i might have hurt something.

Ahhh good, so im not the only one who has grabbed the Decomp lever as the clutch hehehe... :)

If it makes you feel better, I routinely use that decomp lever to get bump start my bike if I stall it on hills. It beats stopping and going thrugh the kicking procedure! No problems. yet!


I know of an excellent way to prevent hitting the Decompression lever.. Get rid of the Stocker.. and replace it with GTYRs Aluminum thumb Lever. Its Smaller, And it sits like a Thumb throttle on a ATV but on the Clutch Side. Nice Stuff. The Price is about 80.00 US. But Its Also Not going to snap off and leave you sitting on the side of the track if you get nailed by another rider, or even a Immovable object such as a tree. :)

Yamaha has a Nice Performance Catalog for Strictly WRs..

the owners manual says it can fowl your spark plug

Fershy, I do the same thing!!! Been doing this for four years on two WR's with no problems at all. Dan

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