It jumps !!!

I finally managed to jump with my trustee wr. I always felt the suspension wasn't up to the task when jumping. I bottomed the front regularly. I had the seals replaced twice by "specialists" and they always leaked. I told them I rode mx track and trails, I understand I have to make compromises. I changed the rear springs for my riding weight, 240# plus an 3.4 g Acerbis tank. Finally, with all the great TT info (thanks to all), I disassembled the fork and changed the seal . When refilling the tubes, I decided to leave 100 mm of air. Bingo !! No more bottoming, and the fork retains control and plushness all over it's range.

With my added confidence, my guts feeling swelled enough to gas it thrue a set of doubles. The landings are much softer all over. :D

If only my life clock would go backward for a couple of years :D .

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