WR/YZF radiators

Will the radiators off of a 99 WR 400 fit a 99 YZF 400? I can't seem to get a straight answer from the guys at the Yamaha dealership. I asked the simple question and all I got from them was, Well uh you know you might want to just replace them with new radiators that we have in stock right now. If I wanted to go and drop the cash right then I would have. I have a great deal on hold and I just wanted a simple question answered. Sorry for venting but any help would be appreciated. Thanks.....

i know for 03-04 they were a little wider on the wr's but were interchangeable,so if they are wider thats ok they still fit you'll just get more cooling capacity. but then again i can't really say about the 400 :D the part #'s are the same except for one letter in the prefix-yz400-5BE-1240A-00-00


grayracer knows how to decipher the code,probly the same part and that letter designates the yz/wr,but then again :D

I know they will swap on the 426, I'm not sure if they are identical but they will swap.

I would be very surprised if the 400s won't swap as well, but I don't know for sure.

If it were me I would go ahead and buy them.

Hope this helps.

on the wr 426 are the radiators bigger???

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