Torn ACL

Have any of you had a torn ACL? If so have you had it replaced or repaired?

i had it done i had a doner acl

How long was your recovery time and how does it feel now compared to before the surgery?

I enjoyed my first ACL reconstruction so much that I tore up my other knee.

Patella Graft for the first and it hurt like an SOB, and for the second, a hamstring graft. But beware, for most guys sitting on the pot is a sacred activity meant for enjoyment, reflection, and meditation...having a fresh chunk of hamstring removed makes one of our greatest joys rather burdensome.

As an educated consumer, I am telling you to GET A NERVE BLOCK. INSIST ON HAVING ONE!! For my second recon. it gave me two days of a completely limp leg, but it didn't hurt one bit. And for any surgery the first 24 to 48 hours is the most painful.

ACL surgery using a cadaver graft will have the least amount of recovery time.

I took it easy for 3 months riding around easy in a field, then at 6 months, I was out riding in the woods again.

My fresh recon'ed knee is a bit stiff after sitting in the car for 4 hours, but it dosen't hurt one bit. And as a point of reference, I had my surgery last Halloween..exactly 9 months ago.

Any more questions? Lay 'em on me.


Thanks for the info. My doc says the donor ligament is the way to go for the least recovery time.

Get the donor. I had the patella graf and many years later still can not lean down on that knee. The knee is strong and I have had no issues except not being able to lean on it. If i did it again I would get the donor.

Recovery time can be from 3-12 months. I had my surgery July 1st and skied on Thanksgiving.

Just do your re hab. Than do some more. Ask your doctor to send you to a Physical Therapist that specializes in sports medicine. Just make sure they know you are not some couch potato happy with just being able to walk and run normally. You want to be able to push it hard for hours.

Once you have done this - Re hab more. The more you build those muscles the better off you will be. I still do some of the exercises and stretches regularly.

After much research and thought process I had my torn ACL replaced. This first week was the longest week in my life. I know the recovery time will be long but I needed it done. The worst part is not being able to bend my knee and sit in a regular chair. Laying on the couch sucks. I will keep you all updated.

Did you get the donor?

If I ever have to do it I will.

Nothing like the pain the first few times you stand up and the blook rushes down your leg.

Yes the couch does suck, I had to peeled of the couch. It was up to 105 degrees the first week, had no AC, and only a leather couch. Not fun

yes I had the donor, doc says that is the shortest recovery time.

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